Fox Forum Extension v0.2.0 released

This versions adds the ability to filter users. See the separate post on that.

Aside from that another change for this version was to make the individual options you use to control which features you are using modular. So if you had a feature enabled, like showing liker avatars, and then change that option and press “Apply” then that feature will be reverted in the browser. The only feature that cannot be reverted is cleaning the page as that operation is destructive in that elements are removed from the page and so cannot be restored. One thing that is not undone is that you still see posts that had been filtered. I’ll consider removing those old filtered posts in an updated version.

How to update your extension

Copy the source files for the new version of the extension from github. See the original post on installing the extension for how. It’s the same method. Copy the files somewhere. If you copy them to the same place as the original extension you can just select to reload the extension. As a note, if you do copy the files to the same place, delete all the files in there first as some of the files in the new extension were renamed. It won’t hurt anything if you do not; you’ll just have a more cluttered directory.


Now when you open the extension you’ll see the version is now 0.2.0 and the U/I looks a bit spiffier and you now have control over which users to filter.