STFU! Some Fox Forum users are so annoying!

You know them. Those posters who post over and over the same boring stuff. So now with the newest version of the Chrome Fox Forum Extension you can filter users and never see posts from those you don’t want to. And for those that don’t like my posts they can filter me.

How it works

What is happening is that the DOM, that’s the collection of web elements that is on the page, is being observed for changes and on any change if that was a new post from a filtered user that post is removed from the page before you see it. At times you may be dragged (scrolled) down to where that user made the post but still won’t see the post.

How to update your extension

Copy the source files for the new version of the extension from github. See the original post on installing the extension for how. It’s the same method. Copy the file somewhere. If you copy them to the same place as the original extension you can just select to reload the extension. As a note, if you do copy the files to the same place, delete all the files in there first as some of the files in the new extension were renamed. It won’t hurt anything if you do not, you’ll just have more cluttered directory.


Now when you open the extension you’ll see the version is now 0.2.0 and the U/I looks a bit spiffier and you now have control over which users to filter.


I’ve added 6 known troll accounts enabled for filtering. As well as one of the most annoying users, HappyDaysAreHereAgain. but not enabled to be filtered. So you get the idea here; you have a list of users and whether or not they should be filtered. To add another user just put there name in the textbox and select “Add User”. ┬áTo remove a user click the ‘X’ icon. As a note, you should copy the name of the user from your web browser as some characters may not be what you think. For example, in the font used by the Fox Forum, a uppercase I and a lower case l cannot be distinguished. So if you think you are filtering someone but still see their posts, try copying the user name from the Fox Forum into a text editor that uses a fixed width font and then should be able to tell an I from an l.