Added Disqus as the Comment System for this site — READ BEFORE COMMENTING

The important stuff is at the bottom of this post on how to leave a comment as a guest user.

WordPress provides a comment system but  I wanted to try a more capable one. There is a free livefyre WordPress plugin but reading up on that and people are very unhappy with it. So went with Disqus; another free and popular comment system. This gives a similar format of  comments as with lifefyre. Your site also shows up on the Disqus network so people can view comments and make them from outside your site. (Evidently, I have not tried it.)


But what I really wanted was for people to be able to include images. So if they are using the extension and something weird happens they can upload a screen shot. And Discus offers that as in this comment. You have to press the little image icon and then select an image from your computer and then it is uploaded and inserted into your comment. Then after I uploaded the image it told me I could have drag and dropped it onto the comment. Exactly what I wanted.


So what’s the problem with the Disqus plugin?

It’s not obvious how to make a comment as a guest; a non-logged in user. And guests cannot include images in their comments!!! However guests can include links in their comment so that’s better than nothing. So will still stick with this for now and try to get people using the extension accounts on this site.

How to make a comment as a guest

To make a comment as a guest you first have to click in the Name field and then it offers more fields including a check box to comment as a guest user. So why hide that checkbox before the name field is clicked? I had to search online before figuring out how to do this. And almost just uninstalled the Disqus plugin before bothering to do that!


You then must enter a name and an email address. The email address is not checked. So pick any name and good choice for an email address is

If someone was stupid enough to register the domain then let them get any mail generated as a result of your comment. It won’t come back on you.

Or just pick something like The point is you just need to put something in there that could be a an email address.

You are also welcome to use a real email address. I won’t give it out.

Another option and what I do myself in cases like this is to use the site which will give you a throwaway email address that forwards to your real email address and then after the time period of your choice goes away.