You Can’t Say That! – Banned words on forums

It’s not known exactly what words are filtered on the Fox Forum. It’s likely some standard words from livefyre that’s been augmented by Fox News. I say augmented as it is doubtful that livefyre across all their forums would ban the use of “Roger Ailes”. But they should unless that text is followed by something like “… is an asshole”.

After installing Disqus as the commenting system on this site I noticed in their dashboard they have a Word Filters section in the Settings for your site and a link to a suggested list of filtered words. I’ll not put those words in this post as, well, they are nasty.

Another sample of a banned word list from Google.



To make the picture for this post, I thought I would find an online tool to generate an image from a set of words. There are some but none I could find that did so colorfully. So I wrote a web page using the HTML canvas element to do it. You can try it here if you want: Jsfiddle is a free site that lets you test out portions of javascript code. (No, I did not write it there as the debugging tools there are weak).

If you press the button on the page then the image should download to your browser. I say “should” as the method used reportedly works in modern browsers. Certainly did so on Chrome. The file will have whatever name your browser assigns it, “download” in the case of Chrome, and you will have to rename it with the “.png” extension to open it. In my case I’ve used a free and super awesome image viewer called IrfanView as my default image viewer in Windows forever. It will actually open this file named “download” as-is and then tell you it appears to be a PNG file with the wrong extension and offer to rename it for you. Way cool!