Extension version 1.0.0 checked in.

This is the version that will go into the store. Working on the store listing now but it’s tedious as I want to have a slider showing the various features. Making the image for the store listing page itself took a couple hours as I am so pathetic at graphics. (OK, now it get it… if you want to fade the first layer, that with all the smileys which are actually bright yellow, you have to have a white background behind it!!! I paid 5 cents for that image of the smileys. Seemed worth it.


Once I get the store listing done, and depending on time, I’d like to have a cool, “Thank you for installing” page popped so at least need to figure out how to get the link into the extension before submitting. Or not.

These were the changes since the last version.

  • Added a checkbox on the U/I to turn on logging. This important as the extension escapes into the wild in case people have problems.
  • Did some cleanup on the CleanComments feature so the Comment Count looks formatted like it should.
  • Remove some of the extra padding at the top of the comments screen.
  • Work around Fox News own bug where the username avatar overlaps with the top line of the comments editor so if you try to select one one of the first dozen characters in the editor with the mouse it ends up being a click on the users avatar.
  • When pressing “Apply” too quickly while the page is loading the CommentObserver would indicate it could not find the comment stream, (as it does not exist yet), so  indicate to wait and retry Apply again in the message displayed.
  • Retrieve last state from extension if is still loaded when popup is shown Up to now every time you opened the Extension it had been loading the settings from the persisted settings. So if you changed something on the current page and pressed Apply without saving the settings they did not reflect what was in use on the current page. Now when the extension is opened it asks the current page for the last settings applied and uses those. So until you refresh or navigate to a new page the same settings can be retrieved.
  • Change to less generic avatar. As much as I liked the Smiley Icon, it was too generic so made up a very lame but specific icon for this extension. icon
  • Do not request permission for all tabs but only the active tab. This was a major improvement. The extension I had based this one off was unnecessarily requesting permissions to all tabs in the manifest file. This had always bothered me as it means on installation the user is warned that the extension has access to their browser history. I found there is a different permission a Page Extension can ask for, “activeTab”, in which case there is no access to any browsing history so that warning will not appear in the Chrome Store!
  • Little more tweaking of padding on the U/I.
  • Retrieve extension name and version from the manifest file instead of hard-coded in the popup u/i.
  • Add a help button in the U/I linked to this page. That page is not all I’d like it to be but I can improve that later. The important part was getting the link in the Extension.


To install this version review the notes on how to install the last version here. Same procedure. If you forgot this is the link to the extension on github.