List of enhancements for the Fox Forum Extension

This is  a very long list of further enhancements that could be made to the extension.

  • Make options apply when made. So no need for the Apply button.
  • Hide the article section so it can be restored on demand. The remainder of the extra crap on the Fox News page would still be removed.
  • Make options automatically apply on page load or refresh.
  • Truncate long posts and add a “more…” button on the end to show the remainder
  • Add a an ❌ icon on each post to remove just that post from the page.
  • Remove bold from mostly bold posts and convert mostly upper case posts to lower case.
  • Improve the help page
  • Place a FAQ on the welcome page
  • Not the extension but fix up the Unicode Filter Web Page so that it converts into all 4 conversion types at once.
  • Do conversion on demand in the editor (with buttons like with “Bold” and “Italic”.
  • Show encoded words in posts in a different color.
  • A biggie: detect and fix up words that would be filtered.
  • Remove extra blank lines from posts