Allowing the Article to be Viewed After Cleaning the Page

One of the blocking issues on having the extension automatically perform it’s function on page load has been that if you clean the page then no one can ever read the articles. Not that many seem to read the articles before posting, anyway. But once the article elements are removed the only option is refreshing the page and then the extension would then again remove the article!

The fix to this is to add a button on the Fox News page to allow showing or hiding the article and instead of removing the article element it is hidden and then the button toggles the display state. The remainder of the content on the page aside from the article and the comments are still removed.

Work to be done still:

  • When running automatically and cleaning the page do so only on Fox News pages with comment sections. So this would exclude the main page.
  • The new cleaning code is too aggressive and also removes the part of the page containing the log-in form. (oops).
  • There should be more margin under the button when it is “Hide Article” state.
  • Test on a variety of article pages including those with videos.

This is what it looks like. This is after the page is cleaned:

And then when the “Show Article” button is clicked the button text changes to “Hide Article” and the article is shown.

This page about this ugly dinosaur has been my test page for the extension. It’s months old so no one else comments on it. It you ever looked at the HTML for the page you’d see dozens of deleted comments at the top as I test the filtering code by posting and deleting comments from a different account. Even being months old, livefyre still claims 38 people are listening to that page proving that the livefyre user count page is bogus.