FoxForumHelper Version 1.0.1a ready

This version addresses an issue where Fox News has seemed to add a regular reload of their page. Which would not be so bad if it knew not to do it when you were in the middle of writing a post!

This release also adds a feature I had completed but not rolled out that now hides instead of removes the article and adds a button to toggle whether the article is displayed. So now there is no excuse for not reading the article aside from a doctors excuse that Todd Starnes’ insipid writing style makes you nauseous. (Medical marijuana is reported to reduce nausea in chemo patients so that’s another option).

The changes are as follows:

(1) The version has been bumped to 1.0.1 and an option added to control whether the browser asks you if you want the Fox News page reloaded.

(2) When the Prompt on Reload feature is selected and applied you will get the following prompt from Chrome.

Selecting “Don’t Reload” tells the browser to cancel the request from the page to reload. This message will also come up if you press the refresh button on your browser so offers an easy way to test it.

If you un-check the box and apply the settings then this feature is turned off in the current window.

How this works: There is a beforeunload event which is fired when the page is to be reloaded and if a string is returned from a handler on the event that signifies to Chrome to prompt the user. You’d think that Chrome would take that string and show it on the dialog when it queries the user but it does not. Just the presence of the string tells  Chrome to do the prompting.

(3) Allowing the article to be shown.

This feature adds a button at the top of the page to show the article:

When pressed the article is shown and the button changes to a button to hide the article. So you can toggle back and forth:

(4) The only other change was to not activate the extension icon until after the page has completed loading.

The benefit of this it avoids the message you may have been seeing that the page had not completed loading so to retry applying the settings.


How to install this before release to the store

To test this before it goes to the Chrome Store you can use this zipped copy of the extension: Download that somewhere and unzip it.

You can also download the same version from the Github site for the extension.

Now go to extension page of your browser, chrome://extensions/, and:

  1. Disable the 1.0.0 version of the extension. (You can leave it installed)
  2. Check the Developer mode box (This is an unpacked extension so you must be in developer mode to load it and you will be told you have development mode extensions installed as long as one is installed and enabled).
  3. Select the “Load unpacked extension…” button.
  4. Navigate to the place where you unzipped the extension and press OK.

To test the reload prompt it will come up if you have that feature active and are on a Fox News page and refresh the page yourself.