Fox Forum Helper Version 2.0.0 in the store

This version represents some very major changes; and thus why it took so long. Since it is so different, rather than immediately release it as an update to the present version of the extension, I’ve created a new store listing, Fox Forum Helper Beta. You can have both versions installed. Just make sure you have only one version enabled or they will fight to make changes to the Fox News page and who knows what would happen.

I’ll let the Beta version sit for a week or so, making any needed fixes, before I roll it out on the main store listing. If you find any issues add a comment to this page to say what it was or catch me on the Fox Forum. If you have a suggestion, particularly for the User Interface, let me know. I’m not all that happy with it either.

The largest change was to make the extension automatically run when needed. So no more needing to click the icon and press apply in the popup U/I. If fact there is not apply button at all in the U/I.

The U/I is now split into two parts, a settings page which represents those settings you won’t change often, and the popup user interface which only has the settings for filtering users. This allows more room there for more users as those dang BOTs are multiplying fast!

Settings Page

The settings page can be got to in one of two ways. From the chrome extensions page on the options link:

Or by right clicking the extension and selecting options: (The manage extensions link is a quick way to get to the chrome extensions page)


There are 7 features that can be controlled with three of them have further options. Changes to these options take effect the next time the extension is used by navigating to a Fox News page or refreshing the current one you are on.

  1. Clean Comments: The checkbox here controls whether comments from other users are reformatted to remove blank lines. You can also select a highlight to be made and what color on these reformatted comments.
  2. Clean Page: The checkbox here controls whether the page will be cleaned to remove all content but the forum. The interior checkbox controls whether to also remove the video. This is helpful in cases you have difficult not telling the video not to auto play.
  3. Control Scrolling: This adds a button to control whether you are yanked all over the place when others make comments
  4. Filter Users: This controls whether you want to filter comments from users. The users to filter remain on the popup-ui.
  5. Show Filtered Comments: This controls whether you want to see comments filtered by Fox News.  There is also control over whether to highlight these filtered comments and what color to use.
  6. Show Liker Avatars: This controls whether you see the avatars of users who have liked posts.
  7. Verbose Logging: This is for diagnosing problems and logs information to the browser log.

The “Restore Default Settings” restores all settings to as they were when first installed. There is also a help button to get to a help page about the extension.

Popup U/I

The popup U/I is shown when the extension is active and is clicked. All of the options have immediate effect on the page when changed. The options allow you to to:

  1. Enable or disable filtering of users.
  2. Add/Remove/Enable/Disable which users are filtered.
  3. Turn diagnostic logging on or off
  4. Get to a help page about the extension