Stop using up all the bold pixels, dude!

Some posters on Fox News, the real Drama Queens, post all in bold to try and get attention to their posts. A new feature in the extension removes all bold from a post if more than 90% of the characters are bold characters. This 90% number is arbitrary and may be exposed as a user setting in the future.  This does not affect how your posts appear to others, of course, except fellow extension users and also your own posts will appear unchanged to you.

Here is an example of posts that were and were not un-bolded by the extension.

One thing I will address in the future is I’d like to allow one line of bold in the post if it is not too long and the remainder of the post is not too bold. That covers my preferred posting format for news items, like this one. This post would have been un-bolded by the new code.

One hole in this feature, as with the remove blank lines feature, is that the post is only checked and reformatted, if needed, when it first appears. So if the user goes back and edits it to add bold or blank lines than it will not be then again fixed. Should the page be refreshed then the extension will then again see it as a new post and handle it.

In the future I’d like to address converting ALL CAPS posts to lower case and also the posts that appear in blue.