When a Fox Conservative gets TRIGGERED!

A post filtered by fox News but recovered by AlienNation and posted on pastebin. Archived here in case that link goes away 345RBxTb.

This is noted as PART TWO but I also looked for PART ONE which was never posted. So there’s more!

toddisit just now

-7:16 PM, Hollies makes a comment on some poster who is not present, and wanting to display this person’s comments to “her mom to make her proud.” Seriously? Like Hollie’s mom is proud of it? Wait, it probably doesn’t have a mom (or dad), lives in some attic with the computer on, pulls welfare.

-7:19 PM: Hollies is back on posting “relevant news” like Donald Trump golfing (insert Obama there).

-7:24 PM, Hollies continues to get “baited” by anyone who returns the insults to the left.

Total post count: 7909. In other words, 7821 when we started, so 100 posts or more it will be, thus proving the Hollies gay troll is not some figment of our imaginations.

-7:30 PM, Hollies once again announces SNL (the liberal Bible show), yawn. Also, the Lar Jass aka alyce7 has returned (same person I bet). These people prove me right so easily it’s pathetic to watch. But okay, let’s pick this up later. Bored again.

Total post count: 7915, only 6 away from Hollies being considered a troll. Is it going to make it? Close call, many hours to go and only 6 posts left! I can see Hollies arguing already that other posters are similar in their behavior of posting, however, there is more to being a troll than only posting comments, keep this in mind. It will probably accuse me of being a troll for watching it all day, however, this is not trolling either, page reading is not trolling, and sometimes you have to assume the qualities of a troll to prove one!

Getting bored again, will check back in many hours…this fool is making a fool of itself all on its own, qualities of a dummy who thinks it is smart.

Current total posts as of 9:46 PM: 7923. In other words, Hollies has crossed over the 100 threshold in 24 hours to be considered a troll, and will in fact end up way over that number by the end of the 24 hours since I started keeping track.

Hollies excuses: Other posters don’t “type quick enough,” other posters “delete their posts,” other posters “stay on Starne’s all day but do not post.”

If you deal with or interact with this person, know full well two things:

-You are dealing with a hardened troll who does not go away at all, only switches screen names (like it did recently after being banned).

-Claims it makes of others being at fault are totally false, it provokes most all hostile instances.

My main purpose of coming here is not to reply to articles. I will keep giving examples of this poster and it can suffer the shame daily *until it gets banned.*

Possible aliases for Hollies/explanation of no postings earlier in morning hours: ricochetdog (starting posting at 9:27 AM on 2/4 btw, only left for maybe 2 hours in that case from 5:30 am same morning). The coward already switched screen names after one day not to be tracked (thus admitting fault and being a troll). The coward ran away like a little girl knowing I would prove my point IF it kept using the same name EVEN EASIER than what I am right now! Well, even if I am off on this one, it is still bad news for Hollies and its claim of not being a troll, it still will go WELL OVER the required count for 24 hours.

What does this all prove? Hollies is a dysfunctional and clueless troll who lives in denial. If it wasn’t on Starnes, it would reside in the lunatic asylum.

Congratulations on proving YOURSELF A TROLL. I did not work much to prove it either, you did it all yourself. You have serious mental issues as described in this post.

Why did I say I wouldn’t come back in a week? Because I thought you would be at least smart enough to change screen names and hide, but you never did! I proved what I said in one (1) day, so there you go. This posting is a report and not posting, so I am keeping my promise. Would not make people read through countless pages of your dribble over a week either, they get mercy, you do not get any at all.

I will be more than happy to post these facts daily to all readers so they know what they are dealing with (like they don’t already), but this report dismisses all your lame excuses. You CANNOT talk your way out of this one coward.

Other observations:

Lar Jass-alyce6-likely one in the same (gender confused). Sad stuff. On the boards all night 2/4, switched names, kept going in early AM. What a freak. Easy give away, uses the same speech as previous account, still mentioning Egypt in Southern Hemisphere and a distinct fascination with a poster named HappyDaysAreHereAgain. Returned early afternoon on 2/4.