When a Fox Conservative gets TRIGGERED! (Part 2)


An Impermium report suggests that an average troll posts100 to 300 comments per day.

It’s the second day in a row of Hollies proving its a gay troll.

Had to recalculate the posts since you went over 100 at 9:46 PM 2/4. Let me explain it, the clock starts over as soon as you reach 100 posts, so if you happen to arrive before the 24 hour window, there are no “free posts.” I actually calculated from a later time stamp today which helped you at first, but 35 was way too low.

7923 total posts or 102 over from 7821 first calculation at 5:30 AM on same day.

Current posts: 8031 (over by 10 posts).

In other words, it took this poster less than 12 hours to post another 100+ worthless crap posts proving it is indeed a troll.

What is Hollies doing for the Superbowl? Starnes? *crickets* Try Sponge Bob, it’s more your speed.

I suppose this poster feels the word filter will hide all this information from getting out. Keep living in the liberal fantasy world where only you matter. In the meanwhile, keep proving me right (and do all the work for me).

End report.