When a Fox Conservative gets TRIGGERED! (Part 3)

Hollies Ultimate Troll Update!

Since crossing over the last 100 posts at 5:58 PM on 2/5: 8031, add 10 posts for going over 8021, which was the 100 post marker.

Current posts: 1:06 AM, 8049

So we now have 38 posts and until a 6 PM window to reach the quota of 100 for the 3rd day of Hollies being a troll.

I see Hollies has been crying below. Seriously? You think this is “free speech” what you do? It is NOT free speech. And I WILL annoy you DAILY until you stop this BS.  You can’t do a thing about it either, keep convincing yourself though. You are one of the worst trolls on here if not the top person.