Help me! Help now added to the Fox Forum Helper Extension.

There is now an online help page for the Fox Forum extension. I found a capable too called HelpNDoc that runs on Windows, maybe other platforms to, I’m not sure. But it is cool WYSIWYG help generation package that creates multi-page help files. I’m only using the HTML export feature but it exports to a variety of formats.

This is their ad blurb: HelpNDoc provides all the tools necessary to write complete help files, manuals, documentations and eBooks in a user friendly and very easy to use environment. HelpNDoc can generate standard Windows CHM help files, WEB based documentation, iPhone specific websites, printable PDF and Word documents as well as ePub and Kindle eBooks and cross platform Qt Help files. HelpNDoc is completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes.

I found it very capable but the free version puts an advert like that on each page. I  found those annoying so stripped those out of the generated HTML pages but included a quite complimentary review of HelpNDoc on the main page of the help file. I suspect this will be good enough for them.

Feel free to offer any comments on how the help could be improved. One unfortunate thing, and I’ll have to contact them to ask why, is the spell-checker in the application stopped highlighting misspellings of wich I mak manny. Probably more so than back in the day when I did not was not nagged on misspelled words when I wrote them. Still feel free to call out spelling and grammar errors, after all, that’s how people learn.