Fox Forum Helper version 2.2.4 in the store

This is the first update to the release version, i.e., the non-beta, extension. It is feature identical to the beta extension version 2.2.3 except the link to the Unicode converter that has been in the beta extension was removed. I felt this was one thing Fox News could be angry about if they saw it; inviting users to encode text to escape the filter. (Like they would not be angry enough already that the cleaning of the page removes all their ads šŸ™‚ ).

For users of the 1.0 extension, or even those of the beta extension there is now online help that explains what has changed since version 1.0. See the topicĀ What’s new in version 2. The online help is also available from the help link in the pop-U/I page of the extension. (I’ve considered adding it to the Fox News page too).

During development of the beta extension I changed the URL on which content scripts are run fromĀ “*” toĀ “*://**“. I did that as I felt this was a good move in case Fox News ever changes their site to use https URLS as more and more sites do. However, a side effect of this is, on upgrade, the extension is disabled until the user acknowledges the change in permissions. Because, even though the change in permissions is innocuous, it has changed.

As a note on the link to the Unicode converter, for users who never used the beta extension, this is how is appears:

I plan to address this in the future to add a user-configurable setting where any link may be added with a title chosen by the user. I might even recommend in the help how to make this a link to the Unicode converter, but then it is the user’s choice to do that and not my actions As a note this, is the same tact taken for years on software that needed the functionality of MP3 encoding but did not want to subject themselves to any possible licensing fees. They just informed the user of how to install a freeware encoder that they would then use.