After being frustrated trying to find Fox News articles with open comment sections I decided to create a web page to list articles with open comment sections and then put it up on the web at

How it works

First a source of articles to check is needed. Fox News already provides this via their RSS feeds at RSS feeds are how news services tell content aggregates, like google, of news content. There are about a dozen RSS feeds on Fox News and they contain list of articles and their urls.

Each of these RSS feeds is read and then the page for each article is read from Fox News and the page checked to see there is a comment forum on the page. Since this means reading perhaps thirty web pages for each feed the various feeds are looped around on a once per minute basis and checked.

The web service runs on heroku which is a inexpensive and even mostly free place to run services and responds at the following routes: : a list of the feed names : a list of the feed names

What it does not do

What would be awesome is to note which articles had how many comments and even track the ones that are being most actively commented on. But since the article pages are read by a web service and not a web browser only the HTML for the page is read. A web browser would then load all the other scripts in that file, including livefyre, and load the forum. This would be a lot of overhead to do so on many articles a minute  so even if possible will probably will never be done.