Fox Forum Helper version 2.4.1 Beta Released

Fox Forum Helper Beta is a separate extension than Fox Forum Helper. This means no settings are shared between them. The purpose of the beta is to roll out new features more quickly to interested users. Since it is a separate extension you can have both the regular and beta installed but you should only have one enabled. I.e., your Chrome Extension settings should look like this:

As a tip, should you not know, the easiest way to get to your page of installed extensions is to right-click an extension icon in the browser tray and select “Manage extensions”.

This Beta version adds avatar swapping and filtering of users to the new Fox Forum as well as some simple formatting changes.

The first change you will notice is the post text has been changed to blue and the control for the pulldown menu on a message also made blue. I found the black text on grey dismal so changed that. I’ll make that an option in the future.

Control over the two features added are at the top of the forum.

Avatar Swapping

Opening the pulldown on the avatar swap table shows which users have alternate avatars. At present you cannot add new users but you can choose which ones to use.

User Filtering

Opening the pulldown on the user filtering table shows which users you are filtering. You can also delete a user from this table.

 To add a user to the table chose “Filter” from one of the users posts:

When a post has been filtered a blue separator is place in it’s place to show the sequence of the conversation might not be what you think.