If you have issues with the Fox Forum Extension or even suggestions for improvement there are a couple ways to let us know.

First, you can add a comment to this page. Note that with the Disqus comment system here to leave a comment as a guest you need to click on the Name field and then a field appears under that “I’d rather post as a guest”. You also need to enter something that could be an email address. could be a choice. She’ll never be reading emails there. God knows, it could show up on Wikileaks though!

There is a separate post here telling you how to comment as a guest if that is not clear.

Many times a screenshot can really help determine the problem if it were something like you thought there was page corruption going on. Guests here cannot leave comments with images, don’t blame me blame Disqus, but you can leave a comment with a link to the image. There are dozens of free image hosting sites. Google that or a good choice is You don’t need to sign up or have an account or give them an email or anything. I don’t even know how they make money doing that.

Another option is to leave comments at the Chrome Store where you downloaded the extension. The benefit there is others can see any issues you may have had with the extension and any answers I gave before deciding to use it. (You can also leave a comment there saying how the extension is the bestest thing ever and it totally improved your life. I mean you could!)